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(2) Download

[Application for Permission]
Before downloading any data, you must apply for permission. With registration completion, I assume use permission
After having input a necessary matter in an ID information registration screen, please click a "confirmation" button.
The registration completion notification is notified by E-mail later.
After registration was completed, you can log in to a downloading screen by a user name, the password that you input at the time of application
*In case there is no reply, please make inquiries at the following number:
Miyagi Prefecture Industry, Commerce and Sightseeing Section:022-211-2823

[Specifications of Downloaded Images]
Data Form JPEG
Pictre size The size differs depending on the photos, however most of them are 6x9cm or 10.16x12.7cm.
Download ZIP format(text information connected with the image together in one file )

*When downloading with "ZIP format (compressed file)", you need additional software in order to open the file.
*This additional software is available on the internet for free or for a fee use the one appropriate for you.
*The number of images which You can choose at a time includes a limit. When error message with number of the choice is displayed, you have to divide it into multiple times, and please download it.

<Preparing for download (Select the data and image format you would like )>
Click the box(1) for "icon (thumbnail)" and "list (the name of chart)" that are displayed, and then click the "set up for output" box (2).

Please download the file, when it is displayed "click here and download"(3).

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