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(1) Directions for Search
The "Image Search" page allows you to look for. You can search for it by category (area and genre) or through tourist information (keyword).
This search system classifies Miyagi Prefecture into 4 areas: "Kenpoku(North Miyagi)", "Sanriku", "Sendai,Matsushima" and " Kennan(South Miyagi)". Please confirm which area each cities, towns and villages are located in with the map of the search condition setting window. In addition, You can choose plural district, cities, towns and villages in the search.
This search system classifies each photo according to genre.

Main Genre Sub Genre
Shrines / Temples / History Shrines / Temples,Castles,Gardens,Town Views,Former Main Roads,Historical Ruins,Historical Architectures,Local Manners and Customs
Events / Festivals / Entertainments Events / Festivals / Local Entertainments
Local Products / Gourmet Traditional Crafts Works,Local Products (Taste ) / Local Dishes,Shops,Restaurants,Roadside Stations / Shop direct from the farm
Nature / Spectacl Mountains / Highlands,Plains,Lakes,River Views,Sea Views,City Views,Others Views,Special Land Forms,Natural Phenomenons
Museum / Art Museum Museums, Art Museum
Resort Animals / Zoos,Plants / Botanical Gardens,Hot Springs,Modern Structures,Places of Interest,Aquariums,Parks,Visiting Industrial Establishments / Experiences,Tourist Farms & Orchards,Tourist Stock Farms,Tourist Fisheries,Amusement Parks / Theme Parks,Facilities,Sports Facilities,Cyclings,Climbing Mountain / Hiking,Campgrounds,Golf Courses,Ski Grounds,'Ice-skating Rinks,Bathing Beaches
Accommodations Accommodations
Transport / Facility Airports,Harbors,Transport

Keyword searches are possible in this searching system. Enter a name part, or area name as a keyword in order to search.

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