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You can search, browse, and download photos related to noted places, events, views, special products, and the like on this Web site.
*This Web site consists of "Search and Browse" only pages, and "Search, Browse and Download" pages. We can download the JPEG image format is recorded at 350dpi.
*Details are displayed on the screen is 200dpi.

[Use Assent・Conditions]
+Downloaded images may only be used for the promotion of Miyagi Prefecture Sightseeing Section.
+Downloaded images can be used as is, or they can be altered. But, there is something which prohibits processing.Please be careful.
+You must apply in advance for permission to download image data. It has the registration completion and it is assumed the use permission.
+The Miyagi Prefecture Sightseeing Section has a right to consent to the copyright and use about collecting image data and the letter information (an explanation) in this homepage and does not mind the use of the image data, but the Miyagi Prefecture Sightseeing Section is not a thing abandoning a copyright.
+Images where titles are marked with a”*” require permission for use. If you wish to use these images on a website , or other types of printed materials, please send your application for permission by writing down the contents specified below.
+Users of images from this site are required to provide captions under the image which state: "This image provided by the Miyagi Prefecture Sightseeing Section."
+This service may be terminated in whole or in part without any advance notice. If you wish to use these images more than one times, after confirming whether a picture appears on this home page, please be sure to use

+The selling, distributing, renting and/or loaning of image data copied from this Web site(including downloaded images) is prohibited.
+The use of image data (including downloaded images) by a rental business, and/or the renting or loaning of image data(including downloaded images) to a third pasty is prohibited.
+The use of images, either singly or after slight modification, in commercial actions such as sales is prohibited.
+The image or credit are combined with a specific commodity, and use that has received the recommendation of the prefecture or gives such a misunderstanding is prohibited.
+The Miyagi Prefecture Sightseeing Section may suspend the rights to use any images if any of the above articles are violated.

The Miyagi Prefecture Sightseeing Section does not provide any warranty or support for trouble incurred by using and/or downloading image data provided from this Web site.

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